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Search engine optimise your website for FREE

May 72007

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Your search engine optimisation efforts don’t necessarily have to drill holes in your pocket. There are many SEO techniques that you can apply while spending not even one penny. The only thing you need to spend is, your time. Carry out the following steps to search engine optimise your website for free:

Begin with a simple website

Don’t aim for the web designing award immediately. Make a very simple website. Keep your images and other frills (fancy JavaScript effects, FLASH animations, etc.) to the minimum. If possible, opt for a horizontal navigation bar that you can move closer to the top of the page. Let nothing come in the way of your textual content and search engine crawlers. Make your website totally accessible and make it W3C compliant: this will ensure search engine friendly source code.

Do thorough keyword research and analysis

Since search engine optimisation may take a very long time to show results, it’s highly crucial that you select the right keywords for optimisation. This might be tedious in the beginning, but it is very important that you know what keywords people would actually use to find you. Observe how your competitors fare with the keywords of your choice. There are various free keyword research and analysis tools available on the Internet that you can use to create a list of your important keywords.

Organise content with the right tags

When you use correct tags to represent particular sections the search engine crawlers as well as your human readers can immediately scan your content. For instance, use your keywords in the title tag and encapsulate the entire essence of your page there. Use the header tags to highlight the main sentences and make sure the headlines too contain your keywords. Also use your keywords in the bulleted lists and within the anchor text. Along with this, although not necessary, try putting your keywords at least once in every paragraph.

Generate high-quality content regularly

The search engines love regularly updated websites and so do your human readers. The more content you add, the greater is the frequency with which the search engines index your pages. Also, if you continuously add pages of relevant content, they eventually begin to appear on the search engine results pages.

Get lots of inbound links

Lots of inbound links (when other websites publish your links on their pages) tell the search engines that your website is important and hence should be presented to the search engine users. But how do you get people to link to your web pages. Of course, by continuously publishing unique, high-value content.

Publish a blog

A blog, if published on a regular basis, is a sure-shot way of getting highly targeted content because a blog contains lots of content on a particular theme. Suppose you publish a blog on web designing. Lots of blog designers will visit your blog regularly, and they’ll also link to your blog. When they link to your blog your blog is ranked higher by the search engines. And since your business link is there on your blog, the positive effect is trickled down to your business website too.

Engage in online conversations

Actively participate in various online discussions through online forums and comment-sections. Never forget to post a reply when people leave comments on your own your own blog. Help people as much as you can. Wherever you interact, you leave your link behind and this drives traffic to your blog or your website.

These are the standard steps you can take to search engine optimise your website for free

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