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Promoting your blogs through good blog titles and effective blog links

May 132009

published by Gary in Blogs with No comments

Once you have the theme for your blog and selected the relevant key words, choosing an apposite title for your blog is crucial for attracting search engine attention. Descriptions on some blogging sites can be up to 500 characters and spaces but about a third as long is the right length for a blogging description.

When writing the title for each of your blogs it is important to use the right density of key words and key phrases.

It may be that you wish for your blogs to be entirely separate from your own website in which case you can join various blogging forums. It is important whether blogging in a forum or blogging on your own website to utilise key words and key phrases in a density of about 5 - 10%. Remember, that short key phrases can be even more effective if the words are joined by hyphens.

Blogs are not rants or streams of consciousness where a whole mix of thoughts are thrown into the blog. If you keep the main message in a blog simple you will keep the reader reading.

Some people use third party blog forums but also publish their own website links to attract people to their sites so that they can read an article in full or find out more about a subject.

If you plan to publish your blogs on your own website, then you will need to set up a link from your Home Page to the blogs page. If your blogs are on a third party website then it is also a very good idea to have a link joining your site to the blogs forum. Within your blog, encourage readers to link to your blog from their own blogs or their own websites. The more honest links you have the better the search engine spiders will like you.

It is true that Google is blocking links to websites in the comments section but not within the actual blogs themselves. By making website links in comments ineffective it enables Google to stop spammers. However, encouraging others to set up links to your blog or website is always a good idea.

If you are blogging on a third party forum, always remember to sign off with your name, company and website address.

Finally, there is a courtesy in the world of blogging and that is to not blatantly sell or to try and flog your own wares when you comment on other people’s blogs.

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To blog or not to blog

Apr 282009

published by Gary in Blogs with No comments

There is only one reason why so many individuals and corporations blog and that is because blogging works and is another effective tool in the SEO armoury for building up business online.

Blogging has no rules but if a blog is perceived to be of use to the person reading the blog rather than simply a sales message, then blogs can be very effective at driving traffic to a website especially if there are opportunities for people to comment on the blogs.

The freedom that blogging brings to a business is that it can provide a commentary on the global state of an industry or the way the prevailing wind happens to be blowing, but the information should be stated as opinion rather than hard fact. If written in a good conversational way, regular blogging can be an incredibly effective marketing tool.

Blogging is also a very simple way to keep people up to date with news and events. Blogs can be posted as a part of a website or on special blogging websites where there is cross-reference and opportunities to comment. The secret to good blogging is that the information must at least appear to be impartial.

Companies and individuals set up blogging sections on their own websites which is god for SEO but it can be equally effective to regularly blog on special blogging forums as the opportunities for people to find your website are greatly increased.

The actual process of blogging requires a mix of informality and pinpoint focus. The scattergun technique of mixing up ideas and thoughts doesn’t work. Of course it is important to choose a topic that is relevant to what you are selling from your website and to the people you are wanting to read your blog.

If you have more than one key area to promote then the simple solution is to set up separate blogging accounts.

Blogging is not blagging so it is important to be in command of your subject and also to research the key words and key phrases that are used by people searching for the kind of information you are providing within your blog. Many people blog without giving a second’s thought to SEO content but blogs that are search engine optimised attract far more attention.

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5 secrets to successful link building

Aug 242008

published by Gary in SEO Strategy with No comments

Link building is considered as one of the most important techniques for search engine optimisation and is a necessity to acquiring top rankings in major search engines. There are many forms of link building- one way links, two way links and more recently three way links.

Here are 5 secrets to successful link acquisition:

Content Distribution: Submitting articles to article directories, is without any doubt one of the successful link building techniques. Submitting to search engine optimised directories such as,, will ensure higher search engine rankings and quality back links. These directories provide an option of resource box where you can promote your online business by mentioning your url. This way you can drive maximum amount of targeted traffic to your website whilst also increase your own page rank.

Social Bookmarking Sites: The more popular your articles are, the more are chances of getting quality inbound links. These links can be gained from social bookmarking sites such as Fresh content backed with quality information submitted to Digg or Reddit, can bring large volumes of traffic to your website. In addition, there are aggregator websites such as PopURLS that help in driving quality web traffic to your website.

Forum Postings: Posting in forums is a another way to build quality links but make sure you choose those websites that cater to your own market. Also, the forum should be free from rel=nofollow tag. Any link that is included within themed, relevant of text in natural way is more effective in improving SEO rankings. Writing for forums and including your website link in the signature is another best way to build quality links.

Press Releases: You can also build links by submitting press releases on the web. Any new news helps in garnering instant publicity on the Internet thereby helping you in availing quality web traffic in short span of time. This helps in getting quality inbound links thereby enhancing the web traffic.

Popularity: 76% [?]

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Design Your Site for the Visitors

Jul 312008

published by Dan in Keyword Research | SEO | SEO Basics | SEO Strategy with No comments

When it comes to coming up with a good website design, you have to ask yourself if you are following a certain design to satisfy your liking or for the people you are aiming to target. Most of the time, there is a problem in this area as the common belief of most people is to satisfy what they want to project and not what others would want to see. In a sense, this approach to web site designing may not be the effective way to approach it.

Remember, when you put up a site, you are luring people towards your site. On that note, just like a good host, you must identify how they can be able to be comfortable when they get to your site. Colors, themes, scripts and interfaces that you are planning to put on your site have to be considered properly. Just don’t overload your site with scripts to impress visitors. On these occasions, it seems that visitors will not always be impressed with such a setup.

Further, remember that page loading is the important thing that most people look for. If a page takes a long time to load, chances are they will navigate away from the page. This normally happens when website owners become enthusiastic about how to enhance their site. Normally, you will be surprised at the impact of a plain website would have over a sophisticated one.

So before you start anything else, ask yourself firsthand. Are you designing for yourself or are you making your site comfortable for your visitors?

Popularity: 100% [?]

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It is All in Keyword Research and Use

Jul 282008

published by Dan in Blogs | Keyword Research | SEO with No comments

We are often told to make use of good keywords that are being sought over the web. There are various keyword checkers that can help us in finding out what keywords to use. Overall, they may seem easy to use but remember that word count also varies. The number of keywords used should be in line the whole post. Going over it may put your composition in the category of spam and hence kill your effort as trying to adhere towards known keyword utilization principles in line with your SEO efforts.

Keyword density is something that can help identify the amount of keywords you are using. At times, it seems that you are repeating so much. But again, it depends on how you use it in line with how understandable your post may be. In blogging or article writing, you have to follow a certain level of percentage in keyword density. For example, it is recommended that in 300 word compositions, a 2% keyword density is deemed as the most appropriate level to categorize your post as something that is acceptable. Going over that may place you under the category of spam and most probably a senseless write-up.

So what does SEO have to do with it? Well for people looking for information, Google for one has placed a certain medium to determine which are spammers who are abusing the whole effort of authentic bloggers and writers who want to do their contribution over the web. If you want your whole effort not to go to waste, then a keyword density analyzer is something you may want to utilize.

Popularity: 88% [?]

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Social Bookmarking: Is it Worth the Effort?

Jul 252008

published by Dan in Blogs | SEO | SEO Strategy | SEO Tools with No comments

The funny thing about the web these days is that once a new trend in social marketing is identified as an effective way to address the search engine optimization efforts, they will immediately be turned on to. Social bookmarking has been found to be a good way to do just that, a great alternative to the usual link building and directory submissions that are obviously targeted to get links that point back towards the mother site.

The number of links to a site is known to be a varying factor towards measuring the degree of relevance and importance that a site has. The thing with bookmarks, it is something that you can do by a simple sign up and then submit a site or certain posts of your site for others to read. Depending on how you look at it, it has two things that are trying to cover, namely:

1. To share information
2. To entice fellow bookmarkers to check out the site

As you can see, this is a good way to optimize a site and build on popularity. While it seems that bookmarking is easy, do not be misled by the ease of using it. For one thing, they still do not entertain spam and once you fail to read their TOS or Terms of Service, one violation can get your account banned along with the links to go with it.

No one loves spam. We all know what it is. While there are some people desperate for popularity, it should be done in the professional way to optimize promising sites that we have today.

Popularity: 90% [?]

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Optimize your Website as a Whole Project

Jul 222008

published by Dan in Keyword Research | SEO | SEO Basics | SEO Strategy with No comments

Website design is all about combining design with advanced programming. We see them being applied to most websites. In fact, when you are thinking of putting up a website you are normally given a choice; have a simple starting page or use the flash enabled option which sometimes becomes an eyesore as far as waiting for the page to load. The result? Well not all people are fascinated with advanced scripting. Remember, they land on your site to see what you have to offer.

For most visitors these days, getting information is important over design. You can impress some by using these scripts, audio and video but they are practically secondary compared to the first time that visitors land on your page. Similar to the old belief that “First Impression Last”, the same holds true for people who surf the web.

The Internet has grown so much since its early years. It is no longer purely about graphics and scripting. Essence and the purpose of your site is important these days and if you are wise you will place all important and relevant information which you think people will be looking for.

Settle that aspect and then try to focus on unique but simple designs. Designs and scripts are not usually indicated in search queries since for one thing, nobody cares on how you represent your website. You can use the usual meta tags or descriptions but do remember, you have to conceptualize it as a whole. Do not take it by part as it will only make your work doubly hard.

Popularity: 90% [?]

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How Do You Get Your Website Optimized?

Jul 202008

published by Dan in SEO | SEO Basics | SEO Strategy | SEO Tools with No comments

If you want to be successful on the web, you have to determine the proper way to be noticed by people online. Search Engine Optimization is a familiar word but there is more to it than doing the traditional practices of online marketing. You have to be wise to what is going on and be up to date with the latest web marketing trend.

The common practices seem routine. We often hear about them. Much of them include:

1. Blogging
2. Link Building
3. Commenting
4. Directory Submissions
5. Article Marketing
6. Email Marketing

Add to the growing list new innovations such as RSS and Video Marketing. It seems that they grow by the year. Something new will always crop up but that does not mean that old practices will go passé and unnoticed. The attention will be diverted but as they say “Old Hands Still Work Best”.

So whenever we hear of new online advertising practices, do not just jump the gun and shift towards it. Master the current online marketing strategy first, check out the results and then consider the alternatives. If you do all of these SEO strategies at the same time, make sure you attend to them equally. Missing out on one of them may be the outcome you are waiting for.

Time is another element not mentioned. It takes time for these strategies to sink in. SEO is not achieved overnight. Depending on what you focused on, the results will show after perhaps weeks or even months. Just be patient and be dedicated to it.

Popularity: 89% [?]

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SEO Benefits of CSS Part 3

Jul 122008

published by Dan in SEO with No comments

Going back to the benefit of CSS that web designers and webmasters seem to love the most, which is the very ease of maintenance, if you think about it you’ll realise that this is actually also beneficial for your SEO campaign because…

  1. easy to maintain sites mean less hassle for the webmaster, which in turn means that he/she can devote more time to other productive activities such as SEO!
  2. the ease of changing style/presentation (without affecting content) is great for optimising each page to see which look/feel leads to the highest conversion rates.
  3. the ease of adding/updating content makes it possible for SEOs to easily point out the need for and request new copy in cases wherein keywords and phrases are not used as much or in cases wherein new keywords are targeted.

Popularity: 75% [?]

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SEO Benefits of CSS Part 2

Jul 102008

published by Dan in SEO with No comments

Use of standard HTML tags - By using CSS web designers are forced to used standard HTML tags that have SEO benefits like the heading <h1> tags  instead of relying on font <font> tags for styling content. Font tags work just as well for achieving the look you need to emphasise the word(s) within the tags but does nothing for greater visibility of your keywords in terms of spiders being able to classify the words under those tags as being more important.

Another example of standard HTML tags used are the unordered lists <ul> and anchor <a> tags, which are needed for making menus in CSS, this results in automatic links to the pages found on the menu list making it easier for spiders to find the other pages on the site simply via the navigation menu. Of course these standard HTML tags are also used even by those not using CSS but there are lots of times when they are not (such as when links are embedded in javascript and other instances). With CSS you won’t have to worry if the web designer used javascript for the menus or not because you can be sure that search-engine friendly tags are used.

to be continued…

Popularity: 75% [?]

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